Friday, 11 January 2013

11/1 - It's T. Time (2)

T-Shirt - Cheapmonday ; Cardigan - Zara ; Jeans - Acne

Hey guys! Guess who's back, back again. T is back, tell a friend. I could go on for hours..
Here in Belgium it's as cold as ever, but in the fashion-world the only thing they're talking about are the trends for this summer. It warms me a little by looking at the fashion shows and pictures of summer collections, especially one of my favorites: STELLA MCCARTNEY!

For her summer collection this year she I spotted some new trends which I think are worth sharing with you.

  The sporty trend, which has been "in" for quite a while now still continues to rock runways and it's accompanied by sporty details for example low belts.
You can also see a lot of see-through and a new way of cutting the materials creating new and interesting shapes.
As for the materials, a new type of lace, square-formed is very in. You can also see it in Alexander McQueens summer collection. Mixing prints is also making an appearance which I think, will be copied by many big companies like H&M, so you might see the trend in stores.
 Strong colors make a comeback this summer and as many summers before white is playing a big role again. Although, this summer many designers have been very bold by using a lot of black which usually isn't associated with summer colors. You can also see this in Dior's summer collection.
As for the shoes, Stella insisted on more comfortable shoes: wedges, big stripes, plateau.

Personally, Stella McCartney has always been my absolute favorite designer and I like the way she reinvents herself for every collection she makes. I love the see-through jumper and the jumpsuit with different prints.
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