Saturday, 29 December 2012

29/12 - It's T. time. (1)

Hey guys!
I'm Tobi's awesome friend T. and from now on you'll see more of me on here or at least posts from me.
Jacket - Urban Outfitters (NY) ; T-shirt - Urban Outfitters (NY) ; Skirt - Zara (NY) ; Shoes - Vagabond (Stockholm, Sweden)

Today I want to show you two of my favorites from Raf Simons debut for Dior. I reallyreally liked his work for Jil Sander and I think he's done a great job from the beginning to the end. Now at this new beginning he has done outstandingly well trying to differentiate himself from Jil Sander and embracing the Dior-Style. His mix of new and inspiration from the Dior archive from the 40s is brilliant.

Thumbs up for the Belgian designer!

Besides Fashion I'm really into music and I was really excited yesterday when I saw on Facebook, that Rebecca & Fiona are working on their second album. It literally made my day. They have been one of my favorite artists over the years. I love every song they've made but my absolute favorite is Dance.

Photos taken from
The Guardian
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